Upcoming Events

Monday, Nov. 7, 2016 – 6:30pm – ELECTIONS

Parkridge Community Meeting

Cansler YMCA


Parkridge Community Organization (PCO) elections are on Monday, Nov. 7th, at 6:30pm at the Cansler YMCA. PCO is a board of nine members currently serving one-year terms. Membership is $10. You do not have to be a member to attend meetings, but must be a member to vote.

There are 477 members in this group, and WE WANT YOU to take part in our monthly community meetings. Meetings are typically held on the first Monday of each month, at 6:30pm at the Cansler YMCA (unless they fall on a major holiday).

PCO is committed to making Parkridge a better place to live. Every month, we gather together as neighbors to discuss our concerns. Topics include historic preservation, beautification, community, crime, public events, redevelopment, and other agenda items. On average, around 30 people attend these monthly meetings (and quarterly potlucks). We we LOVE to double that number in 2017!

Together we have saved homes from being demolished, created murals and signage, hosted multiple events, and strengthened our community. We are a united voice and a great link to our city officials.

We understand that not everyone can attend these meetings, but we need the support of community to continue our efforts. Please consider attending the upcoming election and regular monthly meetings. If you have questions or are interested in serving on the board in 2017, please contact a PCO board member.