PCO Garden Planning Meeting 3/2/13 @ 2:00pm.

It’s time to start planning for the 2013 garden season. Our first planning meeting will be Saturday, March 2, 2pm at the garden. We will briefly discuss the history of the garden and how it has operated in the past, set up a communication plan, and organize our first work day. If you are no longer interested in the garden please respond and you will be taken off the contact list. If you plan to be active in planning, gardening, general maintenance, learning or teaching specific skills, etc let us know that, too, so that we may plan accordingly.

For those attending the planning session please thoughtfully consider the following points:

* How would you like to see the garden structured for the upcoming season? Should we continuing plot rental or try gardening communally? Should we have a method of produce distribution? How will we plan for on going maintenance of the common areas and plots?

* Take a moment to stop by the garden and note issues that need addressed. So far our ‘to do’ list includes but is not limited to: replacing and rebuilding all of the plot frames, repairing the fence and gates, serious structural attention to the shed, the possibility of building a new water system, collection of materials (wood pallets, barrels, compost materials, leaf mold, manure, etc.), inventory of the tools, replacement of missing and damaged tools, mapping the garden and master plan…..

* The above list will help us prioritize our first work party tentatively scheduled for March 16/17. Therefore, what issues do you find most pressing?

* What would you like to see happen to promote the garden? We usually have an opening celebration. How should that take place? Seed swap? Communal planting in the common areas? Pot luck? It is usually also a gentle work party.

* What topics or skills would you like to have showcased in workshops or workdays throughout the season? Are you or someone you know a master gardener that is absolutely dying to share their skills with us??
Please submit your thoughts even if you are unable to attend the planning meeting as all input is greatly needed and appreciated.

Contact info: parkridge.community.garden@gmail.com.
Thanks in advance! We look forward to having a successful season!

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